The Sector Stats section shows various statistics relevant to the this dashboard. The data listed here are calculated using the values specified in the Dashboard Tools and Dashboard Info sections.

Available Statistics

Vital Stats

Transparency Indicators

These statistics relate to the level of transparency and openness of the reported aid information in this dashboard.

Volatility & Fragmentation Indicators

These statistics relate to the volatility (change over time), and fragmentation (a measure of the distribution of dollars).

This chart allows you to dynamically compare donors in this sector. Shown by default are the top 5 donors, from 1990 to 2010. To add donors, click the Change Donors button and select the donors you want to compare. The annotations (lettered flags) on the chart show the largest project in this sector for each year. Individual project details are listed along the right-hand side of the chart. Click the project name to view the project detail page on AidData. You may use the small timeline below the graph to change the zoom range by dragging the handles at the edge of the timeline.

The Geographic and Spatial Data section illustrates the aggregate data for this sector in geographic terms.

Donor View:

Select a donor from the drop-down list to view on the map, then click on a recipient country to view all activities financed by selected donor in that country. [Multiple donors can be selected using the "Donor" tab at the top of the page]

Recipient View:

Select a recipient from the drop-down list to view on the map, then click on a donor to view all activities financed by that donor in selected recipient countries. [Multiple recipients can be selected using the "Recipient" tab at the top of the page]

The Project Records section shows projects in this sector. Click a project’s title to see details about it.


The Aggregate Commitments chart shows an overall picture of aid to this sector since 1990, in terms of both commitment amounts and project counts*. The Summary, prepared by AidData, describes the type(s) of projects counted in this sector. Principal Donors and Recipients show the most significant donors and recipients for this sector. The Common Keywords widget gives you a quick view of the most common words found in the descriptions of projects in this sector.

Aggregate Commitment Chart

This chart shows one series:

The commitment amounts (shown in blue) are in constant 2009 USD, and are five year running averages. We show running averages of the commitments here because we feel it presents a more accurate perspective of the actual aid being spent in a sector around the date of actual commitment. These commitment amounts are aggregated up from AidData project level results, and are collected from many sources, as outlined in the User’s Guide


All of our records are coded, or categorized, into one of 24 sectors. The assigned purpose codes are built upon the CRS purpose code system, and map back to them. Please see the AidData Purpose Coding Scheme for a full and detailed explanation of our coding methodology as well as specific definitions of each sector code.

Principal Donors and Recipients

These sections show the proportions of aid given by donors or received by recipients, for donors and recipients that contribute or receive more than 5% and 2.5% of the aid in this sector, respectively. The metric shown here is constant 2009 USD.

Common Keywords

The Common Keywords section shows the most common words used in the descriptions of projects in this sector. Specifically, the selected words are the most frequently used words in the title, short description, and long description of each project record. The size and color of the words correspond to their frequency. The larger and darker the typeface, the more frequently the word appears in the body of project text for this sector.


The Top Donors/Recipients section shows the top 5 donors and recipients for this sector. For each donor or recipient, it shows the amount donated/received and that donor/recipient's rank among other donors/recipients. For example:

The small sparkline graph shows the year-on-year change in funding, for each of the last 20 years. Click a donor or recipient's name to view its dashboard.


The amounts listed and charted are USD Commitments, Nominal. For the sparklines, each charted value is the change in dollars over the previous years' value.


The Dashboard Info section shows you which concepts are described in this dashboard. For example, a single dashboard may show you an overview of a specific sector, donor, or recipient, or even a combination: A specific sector for one or more donors, or a specific donor's projects for one or more sectors.

This section also shows which metrics and years are described in the dashboard. Many of the statistics calculated are aggregated over a certain number of years.

For example, the total sector size in the Sector Statistics section is calculated as the average yearly total sum of Current, from 1990 to 2010 20 years of complete data, by default.

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Dashboard Info

METRIC Commitments (Constant USD)

AidData aggregates information from multiple sources to provide a searchable database of global aid flows and projects, as described in the User's Guide. The OECD Creditor Reporting System is the official source for statistics on aid from OECD Development Assistance Committee member countries.

Top Purposes/Donors/Recipients

United States ($18.16 billion)
Japan ($6.98 billion)
Bilateral, unspecified ($14.09 billion)
Pakistan ($5.79 billion)
Indonesia ($4.54 billion)
India ($3.95 billion)
China ($3.42 billion)
EMERGENCY RESPONSE ($56.32 billion)
TOP 5 Activities
All non-food relief ... ($23.58 billion)
Recovery and reconst ... ($11.13 billion)
Recovery ... ($3.71 billion)

Total Amount: $92.4 billion
Number of Projects: 47601
Participating Donors: 64
Funded Recipients: 198
Key Fields Reported: 75%
Avg. Length of Descriptions: 209 characters
Average Project Size: $1.94 million
Aid Volatility: $2.45 billion
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Aggregate Five Year Average Commitments (since 1990)
Five year running averages of commitments (constant USD 2009)
Principal Donors
Click to restrict to one donor. Each donor has given at least 5% of the total portfolio.
Principal Recipients
Click to restrict to one recipient. Each recipient has received at least 2.5% of the total portfolio.
Principal Purposes
Click to restrict to one purpose.
Principal Activities
Click to restrict to one activity.
Common Keywords
Size and color of keyword represents frequency in AidData project descriptions. Click keyword to view matching projects.
Aid Perspectives (Top 5 Donors 1990 - 2010)
Five year running averages of commitments (constant USD 2009)
Geographic and Spatial Data (All Selected Donors 1990 - 2010 )

Project Records
This project contains every project which is aggregated in this dashboard. You may sort these projects by clicking a column header
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